Thursday, October 15, 2009

Full Moon: A page of a love story

‘Beep Beep’, a message alert on the phone. I turned on my light and looked out for my mobile.
It read ‘just look out the sky & see the moon, see how beautiful it is, I have seen just one thing more beautiful than this, I have asked the moon to tell you what it is.’, a message from my best friend.

It was for the first I was getting such nonsense from her. It seems she lost her mind after her serious work in the electrical high voltage lab.

Anyways I replied, “That was very sweet of you. But why don’t you tell me what it is.”
She replied back, “I won’t tell, u can ask him, just know that its about my love.”
“Oh really, that’s great, who is the one”

“Don’t expect me to answer, ask him”

I dint reply to her again. Then I got message from her’
“Did u ask him?”

I replied, “No I dint, I thought I will call up and ask the moon after recharging My TATA Docomo SIM since it’s an STD call.”

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  1. wat is this??
    wat do u want me to interpret..
    but i liked ur mokka at the last..