Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The desperate Moon

When the world wrestle for power,
snivel with pain, struggle to live & die for nothing,
the only thing which coerce me to the world &
give craves in going down is ‘it’.

It’s the most beautiful thing I have
ever seen, ever known & ever felt,
even more beautiful than the stars around me
or the space casing me.

Then one day when I was watching the world
I saw her, my seraph of adulation. She
Was fair, lean & week from the heart.
Every night she admires me
& asked me to send her love to the
one who adores her the most.

I searched the Artics & the Pacific. From
the terrain of rising sun in the east,
through abode of gods in the Himalayas
to the mechanized earth of the west’s
without knowing that I am the one,
I am the one who loves her the most.

One day the gods sold me down to the world
on her furtive frantic lexis of love for me,
It gave me hopes to go for her devotion.
Her eyes are brown, with the
Shine of the early dew,
Her looks of desperate love, enthralled emotions,
alluring words & downy touch were unbearable that
I wanted to see it with my eyes, hear it with my ears,
feel it on my lips and seal it in my heart.

Her denial of my existence in her was
shoddier than all the wars through centuries,
agonizing than the pain of the colloseum
and worse than sorrow of the whole world.


  1. ooooh.. poem.. nice.. its jus true love that makes u write all such beautiful stuff..

  2. yes man.... i am definitely in love..... its seams u have experienced it.....